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Implementation of the new spelling/orthography rules

How do you spell it correctly?  “Imbiss-Stand” or "Imbissstand”, “aufwending” or “aufwaendig”, “im voraus” or "im Voraus”?  Also, how do you separate the word „ineinander“ correctly: in-ein-an-der or in-ei-nan-der?

The reformers wanted to achieve two objectives with the spelling reform, which was made obligatory for schools and authorities from the 1st of August 1998.  Firstly, through the spelling systematisation, annoying exceptions as well as inconsistencies were to be removed.  Secondly, the complicated network of regulations were to be replaced with a few main rules.  This way, transparency and simplification of the ways in which the regulations worked should have been achieved. 

However, the insecurity of the population when writing has not decreased, rather the opposite has been the case.  A reason for this is that the new spelling regulations are also not free of inconsistencies, disputably based exceptions and any number of apparent innovations. 

In any case: Whoever wants to or has to be able to correctly spell in terms of the spelling reform, has to, sooner or later, familiarise themselves with the official spelling rules. 

The Deutsch-Agentur Dr. Franke will help you in doing so. The rules of the German spelling and punctuation will be explained by the competent tutors in either one-on-one lessons or in small groups.  With the aid of exercise materials the learned regulations will be practised, so that in no time at all you will feel secure and at ease with the new german spelling system.

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